Redneck Ceilin’ Fan

By redneck | December 19, 2010

Those fancy cielin fans at Walmart and the local Dollar store are just so danged expensive. This redneck alternative is quick and requires no hard-wirin. And best of all it’s critter safe. Ain’t no grouse, squirrel or crow gona get caught in the pro-pellers.

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4 Responses to “Redneck Ceilin’ Fan”

  1. Jim-Ray

    Hot Dang!

    W’ere kin ah git one?!?

  2. joe camel

    durn redneck stole my idea

  3. Taylor

    This is Great!!!!!!

  4. patrick

    dang got mine hangin from bungie cords that in way i can stick me a 2 x4 in between the celin and the fan to git it closer

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