Redneck Dish Washing Machine

By redneck | December 17, 2010

Ever hear people complainin about how they have rinse off the dishes before they put them into the dishwasher? “What’s the point of even having the dish washing machine then?” they ask.

Well, if your inventive enough, you don’t need to prewash anymore. Just ask Clete Morris and his dog Barnhardt. (fyi, this invention is being researched and patent pending)

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4 Responses to “Redneck Dish Washing Machine”

  1. hillbills

    dangit barnhardt, those ther dishes were already cleaned!

  2. davedirt

    my,…this sure is a fancy one. we just set our dishes on the floor and let the dishwasher/garbage disposal do her job right there.

  3. George Becht

    I think that dishwasher may even be an Energy Star appliance.

  4. georgebrooks

    does the dawg “rinse?”

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