Young Rednecks In Love

By redneck | December 20, 2010

One beautiful afternoon, a young redneck boy runs into his house and yells “Paw, I found’er! I found da girl I’ms gonna marry, and she’s even a virgin!”

Now while this might impress the males in some families, it irritated and upset the father. Pounding his fist on the table, he yells back “There ain’t no way you’ll marry that that thar girl! If she ain’t good enough for her own family, she sure’s hell ain’t good enough fer ours!”

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4 Responses to “Young Rednecks In Love”

  1. levitalone

    Incest is the best! lol

  2. billybobo

    im a redneck and that sir is not funny!…okay it is jus a lil bit lol…

  3. mrs. joe camel

    Ya tell-em wilbur honey

  4. duxx

    Having been a “came here” to Virginia (from TX) I was delighted to be invited by a friend to hunt with his hunt club a few years ago. We met at a location and I jumped into his SUV with my weapon. He was driving and his brother Darryl was shotgun. We joked around during the short drive and I gave brother Darryl grief about how every Virginian HAS to have a brother by that name. We arrived at the club meeting location and debarked. Being the newbie, my friend announced my name to the dozen or so camo/orange dressed crowd. Wanting to continue my goofiness with brother Darryl, I spoke to the group asking that everyone named Darryl should raise their hands. There were five of them.

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