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The American term "redneck" is derived from the red neck caused by the sun shining down on the backs of 18th century southern farmers?

Redneck Casino

By redneck | October 18, 2013

Rednecks are proud creatures of habit with simple tastes and joys in life. Whether it’s drinking a local brand of moonshine, driving a 1995 Ford Bronco, or playing slot games at the local casino, rednecks can be very loyal to certain types of activities. And just like everyone else, rednecks love to win buckets of cash, huge jackpots, and generous promotions.

These days, even a dyed-in-the-wool redneck can easily find opportunities to win serious amounts of money and other goods through online casinos. Yes, even good old-fashioned casinos have gone the way of the iPhone and Android. pocketfruity.com has raffled off a Beats Pill Wireless Speaker , Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Kindle Fire HD, and other top-notch gadgets. As a matter of fact, their online slot games are based on the old-school pub fruit machines that everyone has played on for decades.

Now, rednecks are not really known for being technologically savvy. All those fancy smartphones and touchscreen tablets that city slickers love to show off? They can be too darn complicated for the average redneck. Then again, the possibility of winning truckloads of dollars from mobile casinos can motivate even the most stubborn redneck to fiddle around with an iPad and get started with playing online slot games. It’s also much better than playing in a dingy, creaky, hole-in-the-wall casino that’s been around before Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy were even born.

In a tight-knit community of rednecks, it only takes one guy hitting it big to spread the word around about how cool mobile casinos really are. From the local tractor mechanic to the friendly neighborhood plumber, everyone will get hooked and share their experiences with fellow rednecks. Much like NASCAR, country music and pickup trucks, online slot games and mobile casinos have the potential to bring rednecks closer together.

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Refurbed Cellphone For Sale

By redneck | January 23, 2013

Refurbished cell for sale. Completely reworked and gone over 100%. Guaranteed for 30 days or your chicken back…billybobby.

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Redneck Christmas Tree

By redneck | December 20, 2012

Even us rednecks are feeling the economy pinch this Christmas season…

redneck christmas tree

redneck christmas tree

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Redneck Love Casting Call

By redneck | December 12, 2012

A new Redneck show is up n coming. Redneck Love is gonna be the name of this new reality show, and they are looking for peeps to do a casting call fer this new show. We were fortunate to be on the cuttin edge of this information, and you can see the poster below. Along with the poster there is contact information to where ya needs to send some additional info to be considered for the show. If you end up gettin picked for the show and you found it because of us, please give us a shout out at Redneck Humor…..YEEhaw! Just click on the poster to see a bigger image….

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Top 9 Redneck Names

By redneck | November 17, 2012

Here is a list of some of the top funny redneck names. Us rednecks name our youngins with pride and very little regards to what the rest of the world thinks:

Horace – This really does sound like “horse”
Eustice – Sounds like a crustaceon, or a sickness or something
Cletus – Really reminds me of “clitoris”
Cooter – Yeah, definately sounds like a vaginal area
Gretchen – Knew many of a dog owner who named their Poodle this name
Homer – The Simpsons helped make this name famous
Norma – I just picture a big sweaty lady sitting on her trailer porch
Roscoe – The Dukes of Hazzard helped make this what it is today
Rufus – Dog name or sound that a dog makes

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